Bob's Rap on Gear
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Let's start with ski gear. Here's what I'm skiing on:
  Bob at Point Reyes
Bob doing some lightweight backpacking at Point Reyes

Ski mountaineering accessories:
Clothing for Spring overnight trips in the High Sierra:
Various camping items:
Odds and Ends:
Food (dry food only; repackage everything in lightweight Baggies):
So what does it all add up to? For a five-day trip, I will typically start at around 40 lbs (not including ski gear, clothes worn, and water weight). More like 35 lbs for a two-day trip. By the end of the trip, I'm down to around 30 lbs. Remember, you are skiing, and balance is critical. Every extra pound means shakier turns and more face-plants. If you don't need it, don't bring it!

The above are general suggestions. Please use your own judgment in packing for any backcountry trip.

General info and disclaimer about backcountry skiing

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