Pear Lake '02

February 15 - 18, 2002

  Class of '02
Pear Lake, class of '02; photo courtesy of Jay Howell.

Is powder skiing at Pear Lake an annual tradition yet? This year's February hut trip gave us snow even better than last year's.

We skied in on Friday, hearing reports about "bad snow" from some snowshoers. Here's some of that bad snow, found during Saturday's loop tour near Moose Lake:

Powder run near Moose Lake

Cathy Bianco near Moose Lake

We returned to the hut Saturday via a descent of the Tablelands, as storm clouds moved in:

Tablelands on Saturday

Sunday morning, we woke to a storm, heavy snowfall, whiteout, and wind. Most of the group skied near the hut that day.

Margrit skiing the blizzard; photo by Jay Howell.

Meanwhile, David and I went and skied up to Winter Alta. We never really saw much, on ascent or descent.

  David Schneider
David at the summit of Winter Alta

But it all cleared up Monday morning, and we played in the fresh powder before returning home.

  David Passmore
David Passmore; photo by Jay Howell.

A productive morning on the "Hut Slope"

  Mark Chin
Mark Chin, in deep; photo by Jay Howell.

Northward view from 'The Hump'

We'll be back next year!

-Bob Akka, 2/28/02

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