Tahoe Touring Weekend

January 12-13, 2002

The Retro Weekend went as planned in spite of rather crusty conditions (after all, what would Marcus Libkind do?) Bob, Cathy, Phil, Larry, Denise, Alan, Sandra, Jay, and Meg the dog showed up to ski the classic Meiss Lake - Round Lake tour. All in all it was a superlative day: Sandra noted that it was the worst day of skiing in her entire life, and we encountered a level of challenge on mild-angled slopes that we would normally need to work much harder to find. But the elements were no match for our intrepid group, who were not only adept at quick step-turns on the crust, but were snappy dressers as well. From Jay's wool beret and Larry's granola-eater knit hat, to the assortment of fine merino undies, we were definitely dressed to crunch.

Smokin'! With Cathy and Sandra (photo by Jay Howell)

Day #2, we sought to answer the question "where have all the snowmobiles gone" by skiing from Daggett Pass to Spooner Summit. We had the trails to ourselves for most of the tour until we got to the summit area of South Camp Peak, which is sort of the local equivalent of Alcatraz, but for snowmobile tours instead of ferry tours. Since we got there first though, we claimed the varnished wood bench overlooking all of Lake Tahoe for ourselves, and the motorists had to be content to pose for pictures and talk in southern drawls on the nearby rocks. However, they did allow Sandra and Cathy to pose in the saddle of one of their sleds (Cathy, discovering that snowmobiles have heated seats, is now totally sold on them). From there, we descended a big perfect beautiful 25 degree open slope, via cautious traverses, pausing occasionally for kick-turns and to free plates of rock-hard crust from between our ankles, and then dropped another thousand feet or so on machine-groomed trails, stepping aside occasionally to let trains of a dozen or so snomos spew past. We arrived at the Spooner Summit snowplay & general partying area, warmed physically by natural fibers, and warmed spiritually by the moral fiber derived from surviving these two ski tours.

-Bob Akka, 1/14/02

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