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Bob's Free-Heel Skiing in the Sierra

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California's Sierra Nevada range offers some of the world's finest backcountry skiing. I have assembled a collection of ski tours which connect continuously from Yuba Pass, north of Lake Tahoe, to Horseshoe Meadow, south of Mt. Whitney.

These tours cover the roughly 300 mile linear distance in a not particularly expedient fashion (indeed, the most expedient way to get from Yuba Pass to Horseshoe Meadow would be to avoid the Sierra Nevada as much as possible). Instead, the goal is to cover as much interesting skiing terrain as possible, and to have a lot of fun.

And, I've recently added a sequence of tours that loop completely around Lake Tahoe, plus a few other Sierra classics.

Altogether, that's something like 800 miles of great skiing. Many of the tours are multi-day trips, requiring ski-backpacking and snow-camping. A few of the tours are of only intermediate difficulty, but most require advanced backcountry skills. Each of the crest tours more or less connect with the previous and following tour. Collect 'em all!

In putting together these tours, I've relied heavily on others, particularly John Moynier's Backcountry Skiing California's High Sierra. Please see my books page to find out about this and other useful references.

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Fresh pow in Milestone Bowl, Bob cutting eights

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