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  Bob randonnees Wahoo Gulley
Bob randonnees Wahoo Gulley (photo by Mark Nadell)
This site has been up for more than 5 years now, so I suppose it's reached the point of having "history". It started as somewhat of a ripoff of Moynier's book (first edition). A Bard & Carter lecture that I attended in the early '80s inspired me to want to ski the whole Sierra Crest, but it was Moynier's book that put me on the path. Next, I put together a bunch of data for evaluating the different tours; this led to stats and Excel route profile graphs. Then I got the idea of putting it all online for my ski buds, largely as a framework for getting people interested in doing the trips that I wanted to do, and afterwards as a place to post trip reports. It also served as a framework for documenting some personal history, including three of my most memorable early ski tours, and an urban stunt that I'm still quite proud of.

I added an info page (what appears to be a big long legal disclaimer can also be thought of as a compendium of the challenges that have made me the backcountry skier that I am), a gear page (I love talking gear), and a links page (I'm a daily visitor to that one). For about a year, the site included a conferencing area, but that never really took off. One relatively new feature is the Snow Diary. And of course there's the books page (don't tell Amazon, but I got the idea of providing a page of handy links to useful books prior to realizing that they actually paid for referrals; which reminds me, thank you for your support!)

The site is still pretty much what it started out as, an info center for me & my ski buds (including you), only with more and better info. I've actually gotten around to skiing nearly all of the tours (the exceptions being Langley/Whitney, parts of the two tours north of that one, and a few gaps, totaling about 5 miles, of the "Tahoe Loop" group of tours that I added to the site much more recently), and I've rewritten tour descriptions to reflect my own experience. In numerous cases, my crest routes now diverge from Moynier's, based on some of my own ideas and my own ski touring aesthetic. And there's at least one tour that I can call my very own (I just skied it and it's a beauty).

What's next? There are some other areas that I also want to explore, particularly around southeastern Yosemite NP, and also the Cirque Crest. I'm planning to celebrate my own 25th anniversary of XC skiing by redoing a trip from 12/77 (hopefully not including my nasty brush with hypothermia a mile west of Buckeye Springs).

Thank you, and enjoy the site. I'll see you in the backcountry!

Bob Akka

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