Illegal Wilderness Snowmobiling:
A Snowmobiler Responds
My name is John Hegedus. I suggest you get yourself some education in the law, state and federal, before you suggest to me and my 'kin where I can access PUBLIC LANDS with my two stroke mechanized vehicle. I ride extensively in the Sonora Pass area. I have never seen a cross- country skier up high where we ride between Leavitt Lake and the Dardanelles. You don't have the conditioning or the gonads to put sticks on and ski where we ride anyway. Finally, you show me one objective study, by any environmental agency other than the Sierra Club or it's affiliates, that supports the ridiculous proposition that snowmobiles impact the environment in a negative way, other that a objectionable noise level by some environmental national socialist [aka "nazi"] who thinks that he or she has a higher legal standing to access public lands because he or she is not riding a machine. I'll ride where I see fit, as tax payer, courtesy of several state and federal agencies that authorize the same. You'll NEVER stop me from riding; hope to see ya on the pass next season; VIVA EL NINO.

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