Glacier Point Tour

  Bob near Glacier Point
Bob near Glacier Point
The classic Glacier Point tour can be done as a long day trip, as a short day trip (not going all the way to Glacier Point), or as a ski-backpacking multi-day trip. There are also some excellent side-trips that can be taken from this tour, including the popular trek to the spectacular Dewey Point, Sentinel Dome not far from Glacier Point, and Ostrander Lake and the Ostrander Ski Hut several miles south of the road.

This is an extremely popular ski touring area, though the crowds thin out quite a bit once you're a couple of miles from the start. The entire route, from Badger to Glacier Point, is machine-groomed for skiing throughout the winter. Thus, you can use light touring ski gear, or even racing (or skating) skis, reducing the effort of the 22-mile round-trip.

  Snow-camping near Glacier Point Rd.
Snow-camping near Glacier Point Road (from left: Bob Akka, Cathy Bianco, Sandra, Carol Palecki, Steve Lear)
The trailhead is at the small downhill ski area, Badger Pass. Be sure to park in the area that is reserved for backcountry visitors. Follow the groomed route about 5 miles eastward, and then about 5 miles northward. Note that the final mile to Glacier Point is continuously downhill; allow plenty of time for the return.

The average elevation of this tour is 7400', so you'll want to do this one mid-to-late winter.

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